Art Gallery of South Australia
April 21, 2023
Rodel Tapaya and the ARNDT collection are delighted to announce the donation of Rodel's piece "A Fairy's Abode" (2019) through the Australian National Cultural Gifts Program to the Art Gallery of South Australia.

"A Fairy's Abode" is part of the artist's signature body of work the “Folk Narrative Paintings” whereby Tapaya collects stories from ancient Filipino Mythology and composes small and large-scale paintings similar to that of a storyboard.⁠

Drawing upon folkloric traditions, fables, myths and historical references that intersected with society’s present concerns, they often contain messages concerning the fight against social ills, such as colonial subservience and greed. Here, humans and animals intersect with mountains and forests removed from the urban environment in tapestry-like compositions filled with allegorical reference.⁠

The Art Gallery of South Australia and the ARNDT Collection wholeheartedly thank Rodel Tapaya for making this donation possible.⁠

Artwork caption:⁠
Rodel Tapaya⁠
A Fairy's Abode, 2019⁠
acrylic on burlap⁠
193 x 152 cm⁠