Featured from left to right: The TiLDA, TERRi and MONSTER tables, Photography: James Geer
The Artbarn
September 10 – September 24, 2022
The ARNDT Collection is excited to announce the presentation of a collaborative project with Melbourne-based creative, Pollyanna Cadden, as part of FUTURE re MADE - The Art of Function.

For this project, Cadden has produced a new series entitled “A Kerbside collection. . .” consisting of a curated selection of furniture pieces created completely from 100% post-consumer rubbish. Derived from 100% plastic bags, and milk bottles, each design piece is locally recycled and inspired by the excessive use of single use plastics.

These boldly coloured designs are sturdy in construction yet stunning in nature and have a dual use for indoor and outdoor application. Inspired by modern mid-century design, the timeless silhouettes of each object enable an evolution of multiple statures.

This progressive collection involves interlocked pieces and flat packs without the use of any bolts, screws or glue. Carefully considered, each Kerbside Collection creation has a minimal impact on our planet, is ethically designed and provides a circular and sustainable environmental solution.

These pieces are collectable, interchangeable and driven by accountability along their journey from turning ‘kerbside’ trash into domestic treasure.