It's just a panic attack, I'll be okay, okay? Okay.2017, 244 × 488 cm
Yeo Kaa born in 1989, Palawan, the Philippines. She lives and works in Manila.

Known for her eye-candy colors and figuration style reminiscent of cartoons and animations, Yeo Kaa is a young Filipino artist whose themes and subjects in her work contrast sharply from the pop vibe evoked by her imagery. A graduate of Advertising from the College of the Holy Spirit in Manila, she has exhibited widely in the Philippines and has participated in international residencies, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and Haukijarvi, Finland. She is particularly interested in dark themes such as depression, suicide, and anxiety, among others, both drawn from personal experiences as well as general observations of human tendencies.

The Artbarn
January 15 – April 30, 2022

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