Xiyao Wang   
Happy New Year no.1, 2021, Acrylic, oil stick on canvas, 190 x 150 cm

Xiyao Wang, b Chongqing, China, Iives and works in Berlin
Wang’s abstract painting can best be described as movement captured on canvas, as expressing a feeling of boundlessness and unbridled life energy. She combines various techniques such as oil and acrylic painting, chalk, graphite and oil sticks. Although her expressive lines draw on the tradition of Asian masters, she works without the classic materials of her homeland.
Wang prefers abstract painting as her direct and only form of expression. For her, a work usually begins with intensive inspiration, triggered either by external impressions or by her own thoughts and feelings. This inspiration then flows directly into her exploration of form; the artist describes her artistic work as a nearly bodiless process, as if her soul is floating in the air while everything else becomes unimportant. Free from all constraint, lines weave together that find themselves in a constant state of flow, transformation and flight, seemingly wanting to break out of the frame.