När Lugnet Kommer2022, 91.44 x 60.96
Born 1990, Stockholm, Sweden

Jallow is a Swedish and Gambian artist based in Los Angeles. Rugiyatou was raised in a West African culture in Sweden. Her upbringing became her inspiration to portray black subjectivity and explore her half-Swedish and half-Gambian identity. Her choice of colour and subjects further elaborates on freedom and women empowerment.

Rugiyatou began painting at an early age, encouraged by the artistic spirit of her Swedish mother and grandmother. Her distinctive aesthetic characterised by bold colours, composition and texture is influenced by her native culture and artists such as Dorothea Tanning, Kara Walker, Fatima Ronquillo, and Salvador Dali.

Artist quote: “Our skin doesn’t define us. My paintings will take you into a world of questions and pride. I have been drawn to African culture and black history since I was a child, as my father would constantly speak about the pride he has in his Gambian heritage. Growing up in Sweden with a Swedish mother had a great impact on me as well, in particular the love that I have for nature and my strong belief in women empowerment. I use acrylic paint to capture the beauty in black and mixed women, and I use surrealism as my tool to create bold and daring pieces. My work makes one question what it is to be of darker complexion. It allows you to step into a ray of emotions, and to bring you the notion that our skin doesn’t define us.” Rugiyatou Jallow 2021.

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