Untitled (Head Series)1992, 28 × 25 cm
Untitled (Head Series)1986, 33 × 23 cm
Untitled (Head Series)1986, 28 × 21,5 cm
Untitled (Head Series)1986, 28 × 24 cm
Roberto "Bobby" Chabet, born 1937 in Manila, Philippines, died 2013 in Manila Philippines.

Roberto "Bobby" Chabet was a teacher, mentor, artist and sculptor in his own right, and was widely acknowledged as the father of Philippine conceptual art. His conceptual art installations in the 60s and 70s were considered as renegade works.

Chabet described his pieces as "creatures of memory" and himself as their "custodian." His works are the result of a process of unraveling of fixed notions about art and meaning. Highly allegorical, his drawings, collages, sculptures and installations question modernity. His works are meditations on space, the transitory nature of commonplace objects and the collisions that occur with their displacement.

Chabet studied architecture at the University of Santo Tomas where he graduated in 1961. He was the founding museum director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and served there as curator from 1967–1970. He led the 1970s conceptual art group called Shop 6 and taught for over 30 years at the UP College of Fine Arts, where he espoused an art practice that gave precedence to idea over form. Since the 1970s, he has been organizing landmark exhibitions featuring works by young artists.

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