YOU ARE HERE2022, 80 × 80 × 5 cm
Dreaming Is Free2016, 48 × 29 cm
Paul Yore Born 1987 in Melbourne, Australia. Lives and works in Gippsland, Australia.

Yore’s work questions how language, meaning and reality are constituted in these increasingly uncertain times. Utilising many found images and text from clothing, bedding, tea towels and other recycled goods, his works form hybrid depositories of high and low cultural forms. Yore draws on the traditions of classical Greek art, decorative Flemish and French tapestries, trashy pop-culture, gay porn, cartoons, psychedelia, and the frenzied excesses of rococo style to build up immersive portals abounding in deconstructive linguistic riddle and iconoclastic patchworks of unabashed animalistic carnality. On the surface, layers of hand-sewn beads, buttons and sequins exude a sense of queer frivolity. But this glitzy skin belies darkness beneath the surface, where themes of colonial brutality, debased capitalistic vice, and the collapse of the symbolic order mingle with images of homoerotic fantasy in some kind of grandiose psychosexual melodrama.

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