Birth of New Nations2021, 106,7 x 106,7 cm
Patrick Alston born 1991, Bronx, NYC
Patrick Alston energetically creates works that, along with the interplay of titles, trigger thought-provoking and reflective topics including but not limited to socio-politics, identity, language, and the psychology of color. Alston’s re-contextualized subjects, rich palettes and complex compositions are dramatized exhilarating energies, expressed through gestural mark making that help to project an unwritten aesthetic that makes up the urban landscape. In his work, the artist draws on the correlation between image and language. The selection of his titles plays a crucial role within the artist’s process, comparing abstraction to that of Black English Vernacular as a form of understanding the complexities of language.
Alston's images create harmonious tension and challenge viewers to look carefully at the world around them, discovering beauty in unconventional places.

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