An adventurous tadpole frog is ...2008, 20 × 30 cm
Optimistic Stories #108A series of 123 drawings2008, 19 x 29 cm
Optimistic Stories #29A series of 123 drawings2008, 19 x 29 cm
Two fellows are on their way...2005, 19 × 28 cm
Nedko Solakov, born in 1957 in Cherven Briag, Bulgaria. He lives and works in Sofia.

Nedko Solakov is considered as an important protagonist of contemporary European art.An alert observer of contemporary life, Solakov’s drawings, paintings, and installations call not only the art system into question, but also collective "truths" and the contradictions of human existence.

Drawing and Thinking (often in form of narration or storytelling) are the two essential, inseparable poles of Solakov’s art. Solakov is skilled not only in drawing, but also in other techniques, such as painting, video, installation and performance. Yet it seems that his drawing abilities form a base for his entire multi-media practice. Solakov is primarily a storyteller. Rather than adhering to classical compositional rules, his works are framed according to story lines. These non-linear narratives are often dispersed, multi-directional, or interwoven in networks. As they unfold, they form a territory that is both visual and discursive, both physical and fictional. The addition of explanatory text and commentary often accompanies each drawing. The boundary between drawing and writing is thus blurred, and the written texts become drawings themselves.

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