Vessel2023, 90 × 80 cm
Luke Silva born in 1999, London, UK. Lives and works between London and Margate, UK.

A Central St Martin’s School of Art alum, Luke Silva has masterfully reimagined the classic medium of watercolour, on both paper and canvas, with techniques which are stylistically his own, creating a unique, very personal artistic language.

Silva's journey, marked by profound challenges and experiences in his childhood and youth, serves as the foundation of his work. His art is a sanctuary, a constructed realm that offers solace from the turbulence of the real world. Yet, these spaces are not entirely detached from reality, as they are tethered by tangible objects and recognisable landscapes, reminders of the world outside.

Silva's Object Paintings series offers a profound exploration of human vulnerability. He portrays ceramic objects that, while aesthetically pleasing and emotionally stirring, are essentially hollow and brittle. They are vessels, often devoid of practical use. These artworks serve as metaphors for the human state, particularly in the context of mental health struggles - outwardly attractive and engaging, yet internally fragile and, at times, meaningless; empty.

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