Falling Reversely2021, This work was donated to the permanent collection of the Hamburger Bahnhof Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart Berlin through the the ARNDT Foundation's annual philanthropic initiative.
Isaac Chong Wai Born 1990, China; lives and works in Berlin and Hong Kong

Isaa Chong Wai's artistic practice integrates conceptual, political, and performative elements through an interdisciplinary approach, engaging with the urgency of societal changes and global phenomena. Chong transforms the emotions, tensions, and memories from human interactions into performative materiality and immersive experiences.

In his broad spectrum of works, the artist delves into power relations by exploring both the physical and theoretical boundaries of the body. Navigating the struggles between the individual and the collective, he examines the vulnerability of the body and the inherent violence within social systems and historical traumas. His subtle, poetic, yet critical works infiltrate the systems of meaning, inviting viewers to reexamine their perceptions of power, violence, and fragility.

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