Across the hills and broke them2022, 121.9 × 152.4 cm
Emma Webster, born 1989, United States
Emma Webster is a graduate of Stanford University (BA, 2011) and Yale University, where she received an MFA in Painting in 2018. In 2021, Webster published "Lonescape: Green, Painting, & Mourning Reality", a collection of musings on landscape and image-making in an increasingly digital world.

Emma Webster’s landscape paintings teleport viewers into the otherworldly. The places she depicts, convincing and hallucinatory, merge spatial expectations with mystifying fantasy. The paintings come from a hybrid sketching-sculpting process within screen-space. Webster first constructs scenes in virtual reality, which she then embellishes with theatrical illumination, to create natural vistas that relish in artifice, drama, and distortion. Of her VR models, Webster says: “Working from within the still-life is more akin to how we go about the world. There can be no ‘outside.’”

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