Douglas Kolk   
03:10, 2007, Pencil, couloured and marker on paper , 61 × 48 cm

Douglas Kolk, born in 1963 in Newark, USA, died in 2014

Douglas Kolk’s work revolves around questions of identity, initially in small format drawings and then later in large format works and collages. Figures appear to be restlessly searching for a sense of self. In his drawings, influenced by Pop Art and the current torrent of media images, he emphatically succeeds in expressing human vulnerability, human depth and extreme psychological states. In doing so, in his small and medium formats he works to create a striking, yet restrained visual language through a focused reduction of the forms, lines and colours in which – similar to Raymond Pettibon - sentences, like fragments of thoughts, are integrated so they can be perpetuated by the viewer, enabling them to steer the represented situation in another direction. In the new large format collages and sculptures Kolk’s articulation has become more expressive.