Two Brolga2012, 72 × 21 cm
Dhambit Ruypu Munuŋgurr born 1968 in Djapu, Waṉḏawuy, Dhuwa. Lives and works in Yirrkala, North East Arnhem, Northern Territory

Painting with Marwat (traditional Yolŋu hairbrush) using her non-preferred left hand, Dhambit Munuŋgurr’s distinct brushstroke and vivid palette of cobalt blues echo depictions of the sky and sea. Her compelling juxtaposition of contemporary materials and traditional stories construct an unexpected signature style. Munuŋgurr introduced non-traditional colours to her work when she started mixing ochre with acrylic paint in an effort to overcome the difficulty of grinding ochre by hand which became beyond her capability following a car accident in 2007. In doing so, she has defined her practice by the vibrancy of colour and powerful spontaneity of her mark making, to create strident, dazzling artworks.

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