Kirriwirri2022, 80 x 30 cm
Daniel Walbidi born 1983, Bidyadanga, Australia. Lives and works in Bidyadanga, Australia

Daniel Walbidi comes from a small coastal community 250km south of Broome called Bidyadanga which is the traditional homeland of the Karrajarri people. Formerly La Grange Mission, it is where people were brought into from the desert to help build the cattle stations there. This is how Daniel's desert parents came to live at the coast. Bidyadanga has five tribes living within the community. Daniel says "We all speak and understand each other's languages and live together as one big family."

Walbidi’s early paintings are panoramas of his Country seen from afar. Viewed from a distance, the painted forms appear large and merge one into another. Walbidi’s recent experiences revealed to him the wondrous details of his Country, which he incorporates into his paintings today.

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