“The younger generation” Or Akyiremma (1 / 2), 2022, 151 x 121
“The younger generation” Or Akyiremma (2 / 2), 2022, 151 x 121
Cornelius Annor Born in Accra, in 1990, lives and works in Ghana, Africa

Cornelius Annor is a figurative painter depicting everyday life often departing from his childhood memories and family history in Ghana.

Annor makes mixed-media portraits and figurative paintings exploring his family heritage and the history and culture of Ghana. His images are informed by photographs from his family albums and an archive of fabrics sourced from the women in his family, including his wife, mother, and aunts.

The fabrics enable Annor to bridge time. Referencing history and tradition, he uses a fabric transfer technique to execute the faded patterns in his backgrounds. Working with richly colored and vividly patterned fabrics he employs collage for his subject’s clothing, a nod to the contemporary and the present. “You can really feel it’s real,” the artist has said.

“For me archiving as a form has the potential to open up discussions on lost and forgotten histories and its politics. And I intend to bring into presence these past histories through my works as a way of creating a room of memory which can migrate my audience to a particular moment in time and reflect on themselves.” - Cornelius Annor 

An artist and teacher, Annor founded C.Annor Studio, where he supports and nurtures the talents of young and up-and-coming artists. Annor received a fine arts degree from Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where fellow alumni include artists Amoako Boafo, Kwesi Botchway, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, and Emmanuel Taku.

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