Gewinner2021, 150,5 × 110,2 cm
Conny Maier born in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin and Baleal, Portugal
In her works, Conny Maier combines a neo-expressive and vigorous style with a distinct sense of colour and composition. In recent years, her im- pressive work cycles critically focus on the existential interrelation between human beings and nature, a relationship she calls the “battle between humanity and nature”, as well as political issues such as social inequality and the climate crisis. Conny Maier always seems to be able to engage precisely with the place and circumstances that surround her at any given moment. This highly admirable quality is also reflected in her paintings, which have something direct: the distorted, slightly twisted figures imme-diately draw the eye and seem like whimsical snapshots.
What unites the figures are their wide-open eyes and open mouths - al- though it is difficult to tell whether they are speaking, shouting or simply amazed. Moreover, a certain anonymity emanates from Conny Maier’s fleshy figures, which creates an intended space for interpretation. They are alienated characters, who point out critical human behaviour whilst defy-ing concrete classification. This deliberate depersonalisation grants each viewer their own personal access to her paintings, maintaining a certain lightness that is of great importance to the artist.

The Artbarn
January 15 – April 30, 2022

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