Untitled2015, 160 x 220 cm
Apostolos Georgiou born in 1952 in Thessaloniki, lives and works in Athens and Skopelos. He studied Architecture at Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst, Vienna and Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence.
The artist’s work explores themes of man’s existence by focusing on the human condition. While making reference to Greece in the 1950s, film, the traditions of Greek painting, and even theatrical scenery, Georgiou highlights profound feelings of alienation, solitude and humor. He paints short stories about the mythology of daily life, exposing existential moments of vulnerability and weakness, failure and emotional collapse.
While human beings are the main subject of the work, they are portrayed as anonymous figures without any individual characteristics. A desolate alter ego is revealed, portrayed with irony and distance yet also with tenderness and empathy. Although Georgiou preserves the principal morphology of his characters, their features are strictly limited and his paintings are unencumbered by any detail that might distract, focusing all attention on the situation, no matter how absurd. The scenarios he’s been painting are ones that he could just as well have conceived five or ten or fifteen years ago, but one couldn’t help seeing many of them as allegories of his country’s current predicament.

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