Etwas überraschendes Aufeinandertreffen2020, 206 x 286 cm
Ritter mach mal Pausi2019, 120 × 90 cm
Andi Fischer born 1987 in Nürnberg, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin.

Fischer’s works focus on the study, investigation, and re-evaluation of a general art history—especially of classical mythological and historical paintings and scenes. The painter attempts to find a new approach to this subject by consciously deconstructing the art of old masters such as Albrecht Dürer and Peter Paul Rubens. The renewed composition of the painting in and of itself—its tradition and transmission to subsequent generations—unfurls a new connotative freedom. This diversification in Fischer’s paintings allows re-observation of artworks’ fixed statements and traditional historiography. At the levels of appearance and interpretation, this permits the viewer an independent understanding gained via unconstrained appraisal. Fischer’s artistic practice treats drawing and painting equally, thereby critiquing traditional hierarchies of art history.

By playing through and exaggerating various modes of museum exhibition—for example in the form of tinted walls, homemade frames, and museum benches—Fischer expands his interrogation of art history methods to include institutional critique and simultaneously provides a commentary on artistic perfectionism.

Text von Marlene A. Schenk

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