Ambera Wellmann
Ambera Wellmann‘s painting „Apologetic Power“ will be on display at Ambera Wellmann‘s solo exhibition at MAC Belfast, from March 3rd to May 16, 2021

Gilbert & George
Gilbert and George’s picture UNION DANCE, from the body of work of THE JACK FREAK PICTURES, is part of the presentation „GILBERT & GEORGE THE LOCARNO EXHIBITION“ which is on view at the Museo Casa Rusca, in Locarno, Switzerland until January 6th, 2021

Bianca Kennedy
Congratulations to Bianca Kennedy, TOY BERLIN MASTERS Award Winner 2019, for being shortlisted at Sundance 2020 for the film “ANIMALIA SUM” in collaboration with The Swan Collective screening in the category “New Frontier Exhibitions”. Kennedy’s Berlin Masters award winning piece “We’re all in this together” is included as part of the ARNDT Collection.

Ambera Wellmann
Ambera Wellmann's piece "Apologetic Power" (2019), part of the ARNDT Collection, is currently on display at the MO.CO. MONTPELLIER CONTEMPORAIN, in Montpellier, France as part of three concurrent solo exhibitions "Caroline Achaintre / Estrid Lutz/ Ambera Wellmann" which run until the 5th of January, 2020.

Alicja Kwade
Alicja Kwade's sculpture, "Be-Hide-else" (2017), part of the ARNDT Collection, is currently on loan to the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Sophie Calle
Sophie Calle's piece "Romance in Granada" (1986) as part of her "The Blind" series was recently acquired from the ARNDT Collection by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys' piece “Pietà” (1952) will be on loan for the exhibition “Beuys - Lehmbruck. Denken ist Plastik"” at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Germany from the 07.06. - 14.11.2021.