Stefanie Gutheil   
Hoodie, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 50

Stefanie Gutheil, born Ravensburg, 1980, lives and works in Berlin.

The protagonists in Stefanie Gutheil’s paintings are her personal monsters. They appear in the form of creatures wearing scold’s bridles, hungry crocodile-dinosaur hybrids, cats, skinned bodies, sex-club denizens, worm-eaten chimeras that are half human, half animal, or hordes of affable phalluses. The spaces she composes often resemble surreal mobiles or towers in which these figures, many of them sexless, become Gutheil’s alter egos. Her mastery of her medium is on display in paintings executed in vigorous brushwork and raised areas of oil paint that weave in far-flung references to the works of Picasso, Philip Guston, or Hieronymus Bosch. Beyond the political dimension of queer emancipation, Gutheil invites us to explore the world of a vivid puerile imagination, which she deftly contrasts with the arid earnestness of heteronormative lifestyles.