Norberto Roldan   
The Beginning of History and Fatal Strategies (no.7), 2011, Assemblage with found objects, 45 × 91 cm

Norberto Roldan born 1953 in Roxas City, Philippines. Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Norberto "Peewee" Roldan is a multi-media artist and curator, and currently the artistic director of Green Papaya Art Projects, a multi-disciplinary platform founded in 2000. He has worked at the forefront of cultural artistic practice in the Philippines, having founded the seminal artists group Black Artists in Asia in 1986 (a Philippines-based group focused on socially and politically progressive practice), and initiated the longest-running VIVA EXCON Biennale in the Visayas region. Norberto Roldan’s work offers commentary on the social, political, and cultural conditions of the Philippines. The artist works with found objects, such as old photos and magazine clippings. His materials are drawn from everyday life, and deal with contemporary issues informed by history and collective memory.

Concerning his process, he comments, "Assemblage is not only mixed-media but also cross-disciplinary. You can pick up anything and put them all together in a coherent form. Assemblage is akin to production design in filmmaking. It builds the context for storytelling without giving the whole story". Often employing the material embodiments of various genres and themes in a single collage, Roldan harnesses poignant aspects of shared and personal biography.