Miriam Cahn   
o.t., 12.02.2012, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 61 x 73 cm

Miriam Cahn (b.1949, Basel/Switzerland). In her pictorial worlds, the Swiss artist Miriam Cahn pushes for the abolishment of social norms and counters the traditional representation of the female and gender-specific roles. From her early works, which were strongly influenced by feminism, to her later creations, the focus of her painting has been the body. Clearly outlined in its contours, the body nevertheless dissolves into its surroundings. In her thinking, the artist often explores the boundary between inside and outside and what actually constitutes being human. Recurring themes within her work are complex interpersonal relationships, family constellations, women in society as well as refuge, war and violence. The artist pictures humans — irrespective of gender — in all their fragility. Parti-cularly in her later oil paintings, the artist finds new ways of depicting the fragmentation of identity beyond binary gender discourses.