ARNDT Collection

This body of work has evolved over the last two decades and represents an assemblage of things we love. The term “collage” best describes our motivation to collect. We view working with art and artists as an absolute privilege that imbues our lives with inspiration and new ways of seeing.

Contemporary art’s power lies in its dynamic ability to pose fundamental questions concerning the human condition and grapple with topical issues within contemporary society. In this way, without providing answers, contemporary art allows for a reassessment of our lines of questioning and understanding. By inviting - and sometimes forcing - us to leave our comfort zone of accepted value systems and conventional reasoning, artists have the potential to change our environment by challenging their audiences. We value art that creates disturbance rather than confirming what we already know.

The search for definition, meaning and our place in the world is ongoing. We take great joy in sharing this journey and continuing these conversations with the artists within our collection. This collection represents a personally selected confluence of pieces without an agenda, specific focus or aim for completion. This “collage” will continue to evolve and change. Apart from our personal pleasure and enchantment, we have no other ambition than to continue to acquire works that expand our dialogue with art and convey our passion.

Berlin, December 2019